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I agree to these terms.

By becoming a member of this site you agree to the following terms:

You may not mention any other member by any name but that of the one chosen for the membership in your published text. Any submitted text may be edited by admins to ensure the integrity of the members. 


Anything contributed by members to this site in text, media, or alike becomes the copyrighted property of the Trolldom Society and may be published in printed or digital form by the Society. 

This is to ensure that we can use the contributions in our publication. By becoming a member of the society website ( you consent to this. 

This society is focused on work. Any kind of social slandering of other members, cultures, practices, and alike is not permitted. 

Respect your teachers and elders in words and deeds. Until you no longer want to refer to them as your teacher and your elders. 


Hospitality is sacred. If hosted by a member you are expected to honor the gift of hospitality and respect your host. 

If you offer professional services you are to charge according to cultural standards. Profiting on the desperate and those in need by asking for outrageous payment or "milking" a client by repeatedly offering ever more expensive spells is not allowed. 

Asking publicly for spells and various types of magical work for personal purposes is not allowed.

Exemptions can be made If the work has a thriving orientation and benefits at least three more people, animals, or nature locations such as forests, parks, rivers,s, etc.  

You are not allowed to publish photographs on any type of social or digital media of members without their personal consent. 

By becoming a member of this site you agree to follow these terms and understand that breaking them can lead to immediate exclusion fromThe Trolldom Society add legal actions taken against you. 


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