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Shops & Services

All shops and services listed here are run by Trolldom Society members or have such a person on staff. By shopping here you support your local shops and your fellow members. 

Shops & Services


pH-Balans AB

pH-Balans is located in Sweden and sells natural products for health and ph-balancing (and a few herbs and stuff useful for a practitioner). Offers free health diagnostics. Talk to Sara. 



RitualCravt is located in Denver, Co, in the US and sells all kinds of materia magica as well as host their own school where you can take part in all kinds of magic-related lectures. Talk or refer to Missy. 


Watkins Books

London´s oldest metaphysical bookstore. Hosts lectures of interest and publishes a paper. Talk to Carl. 


All Gates Within

Healing, Divination and magical services located in Seattle. Also runs a school of the Polish Magical tradition. Talk to Gabriella.


Oneness Journeys

Shamanic Services, Death services, courses and publications. Located in North Virginia, US. Talk to Mark.

Sterling Moon Logo Circle and Name.webp

Sterling Moon

Mediumship training, Tarot readings & Folkmagic services. Located in Denver, Co, US. Talk to Sterling.


Pellar Crafts

Handcrafted magical jewelry and ritual items. Classes on Icelandic folk magic both contemporary and older. Located in Reykjavík, Iceland. Talk to Albert. 

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Willowhawk Medicine

Offers Shamanic services, journeying and space tending. Located in Boulder, Co, Us. Talk to Melissa. 


Austin Mushroom Church

Austin's first church devoted to the ritual consumption of sacred mushrooms.  Our organization is a nature based, non-hierarchical, non-dogmatic, inclusive faith based church.  We welcome all faiths and spiritual paths and recognize that our sacrament is for each individual a unique path of direct revelation to the Divine. Based in Austin, Tx, US. Talk to Annelise.


Heavens Please.

Heavens Please is a premium CBD lifestyle brand. Offering CBD and natural products to elevate your life and maintain wellness through wiser everyday choices. Based in Hong Kong, China. Talk to Denise.  


Hazelwood Healing

Hazelwood Healing offers spell work, readings, and healing services.
Haley also offers mentorship on plant magic & nature wisdom as well as divination.


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