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What drew Viska into all of this

It was all very spontaneous. I was six or seven years old, and my mom – who at the time was undiagnosed, but who lately had had started feeling very tired and achy all over – was sitting by the kitchen table, jaws clenched and almost a greyish hue to her face. She was obviously in pain, but she didn’t want to talk about it. As I put my hands on her shoulders to give them a sueeze, like the PE teacher had shown us in class just a few days earlier, my mom immediately asked “wow, what’s that heat?”. Later that day she told me she felt almost as if she had been revived. “There’s something in your hands”, she said.

A year or so later, I was starting to see things. Along my daily walk home from school, there seemed to be two men waiting for me in the distance. They were obviously not “there” in the same sense that my family members, neighbors or classmates were there, but soon I saw them daily in almost the same place along my route home. The whole thing began to feel scary, so I phoned my dad for help (my parents are divorced, and my dad and I lived in different cities at the time). My dad, a sailor turned astrologer, wasn’t very versed in things regarding ghosts, but open enough to ask around among his friends. One such friend, Kjell, a recovering alcoholic and born-again Christian happened to be at a large Pentecostal meeting in the archipelago outside Gothenburg, Sweden. There he had the whole congregation praying for me and for the “ghosts” to leave me alone. I can’t remember if there were three hundred or three thousand attending – but I remember being awestruck by so many people wanting to help. I immediately stopped seeing the figures and a very comforting feeling filled me and stayed with me for a long time. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that this successful intervention also had a limiting effect on my spirit vision.

In my late twenties I attended an eclectic type of shamanic training, heavily influenced by Hawaiian Huna and NLP. On the eight day of training all my mental bolts were thoroughly loosened, and as we stopped for the traditional English tea break I got an impulse. The trainer had an owl called Jerry living in her home, and I asked if she thought it would be ok if I projected into Jerry to see from his eyes. Naturally her reply was “well don’t ask me – you need to ask Jerry directly”, so I did. I was powerfully drawn into this bird and for a moment I had a weird and vivid experience of the room and everyone in it, but from a very different point of view. This experience, apart from being very entertaining, made it very hard to go back to a strictly physical “mind is brain” type of thinking.

In my mid-thirties I gave a short talk on a healing method that I had some training in but was still learning. Time came for a demonstration, and I asked for someone from the audience to come up and volunteer a problem or an issue for me to work on. One man, tall, muscular and in his early fifties shot up like a geyser from his seat. I was expecting the volunteer to bring a headache, a stiff joint or some mild discomfort. Instead, he brought me the trauma of his life. His shoulder was completely frozen and in constant pain from a construction site accident where he fell down several meters and landed flat on his back on concrete. On top of the pain, he wasn’t sleeping well and had a lot of anxiety. Ten years later this man could still not work full days, and manual labor was out of the question. I was obviously in over my head. But I had promised a demonstration, so there was nothing to do but to get to work, although I was talking and explaining to the audience the whole time. As I stopped the demo, I turned to the man to get some feedback. He just stood there in silence for what felt like forever. I started to get nervous and uncomfortable. Then tears came down his cheeks. When I saw him the day after for a short follow up session, his pain was still close to zero, and his range of motion was almost completely back.

After many years of spiritual wandering, Veldig asked med the “transcendental question". The response I felt from deep within made me certain that I had to be part of this. I'm very happy to be here for the birth of something great.

Gothenburg, May 24th 2021

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