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Weaponized Spirits.

To use or breed spirits into weapons is an old tradition in many cultures. In todays globalized culture, sooner or later every practitioner will start comming across them. Here are four of my stories.

The Poisonous Dead – An Elven wielding a spirit.

The first time that I can recall encountering this was a client who came to me because all her dogs died shortly after acquiring them. In her case she had pissed off an elven being and I saw one of them bringing, holding and using a spirit of the dead. Only this spirit was different. It was poisonous. Toxic in a way I have never seen before. Like a little creature of a deadly disease. Only this one killed on touch. Apparently the elf could handle it, but from what I could see it was not without great care and respect. The deadly spirit did not radiate maliciousness or anything else I had assumed from such a creature. It seemed pretty sad. I also noted that it had been both agitated and …breeded somehow into this. So weaponized. In fact the Elven being was pretty eager to show me how this was done, so I applauded their skill and ingenuity and gently and politely backed off. The client did not wish to make an offering to the elves and preferred a solution conditioned by her story, so I never got to investigate further.

The Spider Spirit.

Another time, a student had issues with a persistent spirit that used to harm those around her. Ever since childhood people became severely ill or worse if they messed with my studdent. Her mother told her that this spirit was inherited down the family line and she used it deliberately to get even with people for petty conflicts. The living family did not maintain any ritual feeding or alike. Over time, like with any spirit, this one got restless and started to provoke situations in order to get something to do. It held a grip on the mother long after she had dropped her body and passed into death. The student also heard others talk about spirits inherited down family lines. One that had kept a dragon for more than 400 years. In that case they also inherited feeding rituals and alike and were very conscious about their interactions with their spirits. They said it was used to “protect”.

The Norse War Dragon

Upon investigating old folklore surrounding a nearby lake in my local area I once awoke a dragon. The first thing the dragon asked was if we were going to war. I told it, that it was not at all my intention and we had a long chat about old times. The dragon had been brought to life for the purpose of war long ago. It was the only function it had. Now it slept in the ground waiting to be called out to war again. Now, those tempted to have a war-dragon around. I assure you that those who meet one, if they are still sane, will very soon realize that it is a bad idea in times of peace and that these dragons have a life, a will and an immense power on their own. And its all geared for real war. And once fired up, it does not care much about whose side is winning or losing as long as the war continues. I said goodbye to the dragon promising to return if ever it was time for war and it went back to sleep.

The Djinn.

One day I checked in with the guardian of the city of Göteborg and had a conversation about other Rådare surrounding the city center. The guardian showed me the various relationships and one of them caught my eye. In one of the suburbs there was a spirit whom the city guardian was afraid of. He did not want to go there at all and explained about the troubles he had encountered with this one. Of course this awoke my interest, so I decided to take a closer look.

As soon as I came close enough the spirit rose up to meet me. It was not friendly at all, it was an enraged killer and not in the mood to play around. A Djinn, judgeing from the cultural scent and shape it appeared in. One of the largest I have ever seen.

With the increase of Middle Eastern immigrants in the past 20 years, djinns are becoming more and more common in Sweden, but this one was the biggest and most aggressive I had met here, so far. This suburb is known for being ruled by a Middle Eastern crime family and suddenly it made perfect sense why the authorities had such troubles quenching their activities. Or at least a plausible reason why. The djinn was consciously kept and tended to by one of the older males in this clan. It was really old and clearly bred for war and killing. It had almost no sense of reason at all and fired up to such an extent that there was no use in engaging in a fruitful conversation. Since I was the one that sought it out, and not came across it in a natural way - I had no business in trying to change anything. It was decided to leave each other alone.

On a later occasion one of my students came across it while working on a thriving project for a local area and had to deal with it in a natural way. In a manner similar to how we deal with human spirit that are “wired up”, the student worked with quenching the fire and binding the Djinn to keep it from continuing being “a raging wildfire”. It seems to have dampened the activities quite effectively so far.

To conclude

The construction and breeding of weaponized spirits seems to have been a common technique used in the past in many cultures worldwide. Sadly, the awareness and knowledge about the life, nature and development of such spirits, seems to have been - and still is - an even rarer knowledge. In some cases they continue to do their work with the assigned clan or family members being only partially aware of their existence and actions. In other cases they are deliberately fed and tended to – sometimes with and sometimes without the awareness of just how the spirit “protects' ' the family. In every case I have come across, this is a bad idea. Because a spirit bred for war and killing, has a fundamental drive and direction. This will attract everything needed for this purpose. Living as a human being in those circumstances will always be more hurtful than its worth.

Ps. Never go “white knight” towards a weaponized spirit. They usually have about a thousand years of experience in dealing with that approach. Like any stupid youth - dyeing has to be a risk that you are seriously willing to take when engaging them in that way. Better to leave them be, to enrich our world until you have a bunch of better strategies and a very good skill in going beyond your own vanities. D.s.

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Mar 13, 2023

Great read

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