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Trollcunning people Värmland III

Juliana Olsen, birthname Jonsdotter, was born in 1879 and died 1969, lived in finntorpet Södra ivana located in Södra finnskoga. During her life she became something of a symbol for evil, trolldom and the black arts in the area, feared by many who knew that if you clashed with her you would have bad things coming for you.

It is something that Ante Amtee experienced when, in his role as animal inspector, he remarked on her animal husbandry. Julia swore that he would never come back and he never did since he died during one of his inspection rounds a short time after.

Three woodcutters from Skråckarberget who were working close to Julias home got into trouble when she asked them for help with the wood and they firmly refused since they did not consider themselves to have the time. Julia promised them that she “would make sure they got time” and shortly after one of them cut himself in the leg, the other got very ill and the third one suffered from bad luck, the history doesn’t reveal the details about what kind.

There are several stories like this about how Juliana punished those who refused to help her, one man who she swore would be “as bitten as she was” hurried home and found that his horse had gone blind. Another one she claimed to have bound to her house to force him to assist her. A man from Norway who accidentally ran over and killed one of her cows was himself killed in traffic later. Another man in Finnskoga was told “Den dag jag dör ska blodet springa på dig” [“The day I die the blood will run on you”] when he annoyed her and later he cut his thumb badly and had to visit the Doctor in Likenäs, not knowing that Juliana laid at home dying.

Even though she had died she continued, and continues, to influence the area. According to the rumors the priest who was supposed to bury the woman got scared and went on a vacation trip. The policeman who was ordered to transport her animals is said to have suffered from severe anxiety before the assignment, a clear sign of the fear they felt even after her death.

The grandson Gösta in front of the remains of Juliana's house

Even in modern times Julianas presence makes itself known. A tourist instructor who went to Finnskogen with a group of people who wanted to see the place where the famous Trollkunniga lived, sp they went there. One man in the group was very loud about the fact that he didn’t believe in trolldom and had no fear of Julia and her magic. On the way back his car started to act funny on the road and when they stopped to look they noticed that the wheel nuts were about to fall off.

There's no doubt that Juliana took her sorcery very seriously. She visited the Henrikssons family now and then and often told them about people that had treated her badly and that she intended to take her revenge on them. She also told the mother of that family, Eva, about her methods and which words and rituals she used. These secrets are nowadays long gone since Eva never spoke about them and had no interest in learning the craft herself.

Evas daughter Greta remembers how her mother described the experience when Juliana entered their house as a “black net that appeared in front of my eyes”. She also remembers Julias sharp look and that she once told her she would become a young widow, something that Greta did not give much thought until it actually happened. Another odd thing is that Juliana told her about spiders, how they were her best friends and used to come to her bed when she was about to sleep.

Juliana as an old woman

Finnskogen is full of stories about the “Trollkunniga” and there is no doubt that Juliana is one of the most notorious. Perhaps this was because she was one of the last left alive, known to only use her talent to threaten, hurt, and bring misery to those who angered her

source: Värmlands folkblad

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