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Trapped in the Clocktower

As you leave the capital of the United States heading west, you'll find a building that you would be more likely to see in Europe than in the suburbs of Virginia. The Clocktower sits in a shopping area near a major airport where one can find groceries, liquor, and a variety of foods from several countries.

Recently, the Clocktower area has seen an increase in crime including shootings and stabbings. You get the feeling that you are taking your life in your hands when just trying to find the fixings for dinner. Although the feelings of anxiousness and even dread can be felt throughout the shopping plaza, the Clocktower seems to be not only the center architecturally, but also energetically.

With the help of several members of the Society, we looked into what might be going on in the Clocktower. In a word: Spirits...numerous trapped spirits. The anxiety, fear, and disruptive energy blasts through all the windows of the Clocktower...raining down on those passing by, filling the shoppers with angst. This energy is augmented by the happenings in the billiard hall and gym which occupy floors of the tower. Additionally, the are high-voltage power lines running behind building filling the area with a strong magnetic field. (Note to the Society team: I completely forgot about the power lines prior to our session...apologies.)

Although I can only speak of my experiences, the team worked diligently to help the spirits. I found several spirits calling the Clocktower home. Their anger at not being seen or acknowledged by the crush of people in their area had them peering out of the windows, screaming at the people. It was bad to the point that they had lost sight of the other spirits in the Clocktower. They felt alone, scared, and confused. Marry the spirits' anger with the cracks of billiard balls and the testosterone of the gym exasperated by the electromagnetic field generated through the power lines and one has the recipe for disruptive energy.

I spoke to the spirits asking of their situations. screaming...fear...but...a recognition that there are people (the Society team) communicating with them. As the energy subsided, I could see their surroundings. They were in rooms similar to ones you might find in 1500-1600 villages with dark wood paneling, roaring fires, and the smells of cooking. Imagine, if you will, having what is most familiar to you keeping your warm and safe, then looking out the window to see a land completely unfamiliar, populated by more people than you believed existed on Earth. When it came down to it, they didn't understand and could not get anyone's attention to even ask a questions about their situation. The team provided that needed attention.

I visited the Clocktower a few days afterwards finding the spirits in a better mood. Their curiosity of the people outside of their rooms had come up. They wanted to know how they could communicate. I will continue to visit regularly and say, "Hello!", as I pass by.

The picture above was taken during my last visit. I'd welcome any reading you may feel called to do. There is still a great deal going on, but, it is better than before. Thank you!

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Cuartag Ceò
Cuartag Ceò
Dec 01, 2022

Just moved out of the area, but did get a chance to take some pics. You can see the new roof on the clocktower (at least see the difference in roof color from the tower to the lower eves.) The bottom item is the artist rendering of the renovated plaza. Enjoy!


Cuartag Ceò
Cuartag Ceò
Aug 28, 2022

Update: The Clocktower is undergoing a renovation! They have repaired the tunnel under the tower and are putting on a new roof. I will take some pictures of the renovations and post them shortly.

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