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The Room Full of Whispers

The Room Full of Whispers

Before the Room allowed itself to be seen or heard, I had to reveal my true intentions of how I would arrive at its door. Not only how, but what would be the shape I take. The “how” I can share, but the shape will remain secret for now. Perhaps other seekers have been given similar instructions from the Room of what they can share and what must remain hidden and held only by them. My intentions of arrival are clear, to experience the magic that has been longing to be found. To be part of this magic, to be changed by it in the best of ways and to help it be found by other seekers too. As I chant these words in my mind, I hear the whistling of wind through the leaves around me echoing them, changing them to the sounds these ancient trees, winds, and waters will understand. Of course, I smile, the Room is in the forest. This forest is thick with old trees, moss and singing streams. I travel through it, aware of the curiosity of the Spirits and Creatures that inhabit it. I allow myself to be seen by some, but from the other more dangerous lurkers, I keep myself disguised. After all, the Room I am about to find holds many secrets which should be guarded. I keep moving forward through the thick and dark woods, trusting that the door will reveal itself as soon as I am ready. I speak to the forest again, sharing my name, my song and in the distance, a flickering light appears. As I get closer, I see that it is a door, glowing softly behind the trees. I see there are patterns on it, alive and moving, as if making the final negotiations for how I, the seeker, can enter. There is no handle on the door, but I am feeling called to press my palm against it and wait three heartbeats. These three heartbeats must be the key and whatever magic lives behind this threshold seems to respond and the door opens for me. The winds whisper louder as I enter and the door closes behind me.

Inside is not the right word for this experience, for the Room is so much more than a Room. It has no ceiling, but it is open to the night sky which is speckled with stars. There are walls here, but they are living, moving shapes that hold thousands of books, herbs and remedies. At the center, there is a Crossroads. To me this is of great significance, as I am sure to many other magicians it is as well. For us, it is a lovely confirmation of many paths coming together and meeting in one place. The benefits and blessings of this convergence have already taken hold in visible and invisible ways. I have spoken to Veldig about this powerful place, about the remedies and cures it holds, the old ones and the new, both potent and true. Virve Tuli has seen the Crossroads too, heard the whispers of this place. Like it was calling us long before we even knew how to answer. Ah, what a place! Nothing is outside of the realm of hope, change and possibility here. May it always be so!

Droga Szumi

New Moon, Tuesday May 11th, 2021

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