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Summoning my ancestors and entering a mindroom from the past

This summer I went on a journey by myself with the intension of connecting with my ancestors and visiting the lands and surroundings that they used to live in. I has been something I have planed for a long time but never had the chance to do until now. It became un amazing experience and mindblowing at the same time. I tried to put all the things I have learned in use from the trolldom classes and really fokus on connecting and be open to whatever comes. I had during the panademic spent alot of time researching my family heritage and collecting all the information that I could find since I don´nt know much about them. During this time I kept getting two names in my dreams of my ancestors that I never met, I felt like they were calling me, so this summer I jumped in my car and drove to the north of Norway. I drove the whole night and was summoning them and talking out loud in my car, trying to connect and ask them to show me everything because I really wanted to know more about them. I had no radio on just driving throuh the night focusing on connecting and breathing in the fresh summer air.

I kept getting different pictures of objets and places that at first didn`t make sense to me ,but I just noticed them and keept going. When I arraived at one of my uncle´s place that I have never met or been to before I notced a spinning wheel in the hallway. It was one of the objects that kept popping up in my mind when driving. It turned out that it once belonged to my greatgrandmother. I then felt that I was on the right path and that I had a conection. It was a beautifull experience and I was so thankfull. I hade some sleep and conntiued my journey to my familys old land and farming fields.

I had prepared a ritual that I stuck to. I wanted to physically stand on their land and walk in their footsteps. I went out on the field, and did my thing and then it all went boom....

It felt like I sent a out a big wave of energi and I suddenly entered a mindroom in another timezone ,surrounded by my ancestors that had come to great me. I followed them as they showed me their home and fishing town. I was walking around in the old town, went down to the small habour and touched the water. It was un amazing and a beautifull experience. It was quite emotional but beautiful at the same time. I got the answers I was searching fore about my past and my heritage on my fathers side.

I also asked for guidance and help with some of my lost soulparts and life issues and felt so overwhelmed by love. I didn`t feel alone anymore and now know and understand that I can call them when I need help. I hade a few more places to vistit and drove thouhgt the beautiful mountains and valleys with tears of all kind of feelings running through me. I didnt realy know why I was crying it just felt so good, I felt so connected and at ease. The nature was also mindblowing in it self and so healing. The road led me unexpectedly to the Polar Circle. It had a memorial site and landmark for the Samis. I spent som time there and made some offerings and went fore a hike in the snowy mountains. Absorbing and experiencing energy from nature. Now I have many memories I will bring with med back home. I was guided by my ancectors that showed me many things and places.

My last stop was out on a smal Island where my father grew up (he past many years ago as so my grandfather) I went to the house, or whats left of it and proceeded with a ritual and offerings I had planed. As I placed my hand on the house I entered another mindroom, not as powerful as the one before but I know why, I was a bit scared and not ready to meet my father if he would show up there so I was blocked by my own fears. Something I´m working on but it still was a beautiful expeirience, conecting with my grandfather for the first time. I gathered some flowers and objects from the places I visited and have planed to make a frame/box with a mindroom entrance to be able to easily connect with them again or enter that mindroom when I need or want to. I also realized that just picturing the surroundings in my mind and re experiencing what I acually felt could be usefull in many ways in other situations and work.

There is so much more to the story but I just wanted to share my first experience summoning my ancestors and entering a mindroom of the past by acually standing on their land and using all the different elements and rituals at the same time. Being able to speak out loud and really reinforce my intension has been a powerfull experience and not easy to practice at home in the city :)

Never did that one before. It was a mindblowing experience. Even though my main goal was to connect with my ancestors and use a mindroom I wanted to put som of the trolldom lessons in practical use and get more experiences that can be usefull in other situations. Maybe my story can inspire others to try something similar .

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