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Spell Quest Report: A Dream Within A Dream

I had a dream where I walked around in an antiquarian shop, selling old books and records. This is something of a favourite haunt for my subconscious mind, as I tend to end up in similar places now and then, discovering strange magical manuscripts and music I never heard in my waking state. It is in other words a place of exploration and discovery.

Looking through the stacks of dusty second hand books and papers, I notice that a voice comes from behind me. I don’t turn around to see who it is, but I somehow intuitively know that this is the owner of the shop itself. By “dream-logic” I recognise the voice to be of a magician I have not actually met in real life, but only know about through mutual friends. He asks me what I am looking for, and when I tell him I’m just having a browse, he stops to discuss the content of one of the books in front of me.

It has something to do with the symbols on its cover, and unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what this means although it is somehow tied to my past.

On waking, I ponder why I shouldn’t try and contact this person in my Quest; he might not be a spirit as such, but at he is a magician who knows how to summon spirits. Also, as he appeared as the owner of a shop selling books on magic and the like, he seemed to inhabit a certain space in my dream-world which is directly tied to exploration and knowledge.

So I sat back and started my initial meditation to get myself in the proper mood, and called on the spirit to come to my room.

He appeared quickly and without a lot of effort at all. However he at first seemed quite disembodied, like he did not have a proper shape – only a vague, blurry appearance. His voice on the other hand was clear, and I now realised that I actually had not seen him in my dream.

He was rather confused to be summoned, and asked where he was. I began to explain that I had called him into a world that I inhabit, a world which I referred to as my “waking state”. I asked him if wanted to take on a more solid shape for me, as he now had the chance to, and he started to appear more clearly, being a rather normal looking man in his late 30’s.

I asked him if he ever dreamt himself, and he did not seem to know what I meant with this particular word. He however replied “I see things”, and I started to understand that this was his way of describing his imagination and his way of dreaming.

I moved on to ask him if he, as a great magician, could himself go into a dream, or a “vision” and summon a spirit. Without any hesitation, he replied that that would be extremely easy for him and that he could do it straight away. I asked him if he needed to sleep to do this, but he did not seem to have a concept for sleep at all, and just went straight into some type of trance-state.

The interesting thing with this was that I could see him in his dream, performing an old-fashioned magical ceremony to call on the spirit. He drew a circle on the floor and stood with a wand in hand and summoned something to appear outside the circle.

I asked this spirit to come forth to me, and a bright light all of a sudden filled the room, and I was met with a presence of something very warm and well meaning. From the light flew a small little faery- like figure. Not in the old-fashioned folkloric way, but in the absolutely silly Disney-kind of way. She radiated with a pleasant white light, had wings on her shoulders, a small wand in her hand and the kind face of an old woman.

I asked her if she had the possibility to help me in my own exploration of my dreams, so that I could thrive in them, and she responded that she could. I asked how, and she presented me with a small golden bell. “With this”, she said “You will be able to open doors, into new worlds”.

I asked her if she wanted anything for her services, and she demanded a sack of gold. I presented her with it, and as she seemed more than happy with such a fair exchange of services, I bid her farewell for now. I also thanked the magician for his help and sent him off to the place he called home.


Usually, I now call on the faery spirit before I go to bed in order to have more clear and interesting dreams. It actually works quite well, and she has basically now become my “dream guide”. I can usually remember my dreams better, and they have more clarity to them when I ask her to help me out before I go to sleep.

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