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Tasting the Dragon--Reading the Land with Utiseta

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For the sake of context, conversation and my adoration for the practice of utiseta, please pardon my short rant of run ons and cringey embellishments.

My practice of magic and spirituality has changed and evolved many times over the years, just as it does for most practitioners no doubt. Utiseta, however, has always been the constant. Sitting out and surrendering my physical form to fall into silent stillness as if turning to stone. The slow rising of cyclonic energy that is my awareness, and the rushing sensation of infinite force that is my heart. Branching out and interconnecting with the physical and non-physical world around my catatonic body. I have managed to go and sit where I am known by the land just before dusk and remain there until dawn. I've played with the idea of sitting out in a hole completely submerged into the earth. There is a subtle "pull" for me to do so. Oh how the fantasy of sitting beneath the earthen surface of Mamma Sverige herself titillates my imagination.

I really appreciate this quest and the depth in which it was crafted. Although I've read ahead at all the steps and recognize many key points, because curiosity is just the damnedest thing. I'm still only at Step 2, but the approach so far is something I wish I had a long time ago. A hidden gem of instruction that is sought after but rarely, if at all, found unless you dig.



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