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Spell Quest - "Vindryttare" - The Wind rider.

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You contributed to the Magic of your community. There is probably more to do.Part of the Magic.

Stångresning - Raising The Stang-- I had a wonderful experience with this. Went out on the autumn equinox with my staff for a long walk. Met many winds. Cast my spell atop my staff using my troll formula. I noticed that when the staff was connecting to earth there was energy moving upwards into the Stang. When I raise to the wind I became the conduit between the earth the staff and the sky. Sent healing to a family member and it felt more effective to point the staff in the direction of my target. When the wind pulled and stirred the staff I knew my spell was sent. Did this many times over two hours.

I came upon a grove of cotton woods and the heart shaped leaves were drumming in the wind. I sent a few spells into the trees to be sent as well. All together a very worthy experience.



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