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Spell Quest - "Vindryttare" - The Wind rider.

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Saturday, May 7th

This morning I woke up before dawn and it was particularly windy outside. It felt right to try the Gärdesgårdsstång Cleanse. So I grabbed my black satin cloth and went about the house wiping away at the walls, doors, windows, myself and my sleeping family. Exiting the house into the back yard, the wind was coming from the north with horizontal rain and severe gales whipping into the forest and thrashing the trees. I fixed my cloth to the main fencepost of my gate that leads to the forest and watched the rain soak it and the wind pick it up and flutter it about towards the forest. I waited roughly 5 to 10 minutes watching the cloth as I stood in the rain until surprisingly enough, a 30ft tall dead standing oak snapped at the mid point and collapsed on the forest floor. I left the cloth knotted to the fencepost for the remainder of the day to "air out" any residual energies that may still have been lingering in it. Re entering my home, I felt a significant change in the air that seemed much lighter and my grouchy old man in the morning attitude even seemed alleviated. So I threw some Eivor on, brewed some coffee and had breakfast ready for everyone upon waking up. A very successful and pleasant day. I will definitely be revisiting this technique.


Fröken Björk


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