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Spell Quest - "Det våta" - Getting to know water.

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Traveling Through Water and Fire

It has been wonderful working through this quest. For the bottomless depth 2 I traveled through water and then fire. I was amazed how different the two experiences were. I also recently traveled through wind as part of the wind rider quest.

Water is by far my favorite element to travel through at this time. It might be because I have used this method the most over the last couple years but for me, traveling through water provides a more stable experience. The visions are clear and generally calmer.

When I traveled through the candle flame to the same place it was more energetic. Almost too much. Like a "tinny" and darker experience where a buzzing and speed effect was taking place. I can see the usefulness of traveling through fire for gathering power for a more devastating effect.

Water seems a bit better for me for gathering wisdom and messages from the spirits. Fire might be a bit better for prophesy and power. For me wind was great for weather and sky spirits as I traveled into a nearby storm.

All in all, great experiences and the difference between traveling through these elements really provides a distinct set of options depending on what is being called for.

Shawna Burke


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