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"Jord" - Earth friend.

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On Sunday my wife and I celebrated our 17 year wedding anniversary. I gave her a massage as a gift and used a stone to absorb pain from her shoulders to her feet. I used my narrative charm in the process when using the stone. 3 times for each shoulder 3 times for each side of lower back and 3 times for each foot. It was a great experience. The stone seemed to get heavier with an almost viscous energy around it. I wasn't sure it could hold everything but by the time i was finished it felt like it had more room.

I buried the stone under an old apple tree that fell over and kept growing. In the morning when I dug up the stone it was like digging it up for the first time. The soil seemed to almost dry/wick the energy from the stone the way gardening all day dries out ones hands. It was as if the earth received the stone as kin and claimed whatever was held there as part of the whole.

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