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Hi all,

First of: Thank you everyone who attended and contributed on the meeting the other week - It was truly mindblowing to be in the presence of so many wise, powerful and friendly fellow practitioners!

  • The points raised during the meeting were extremely interesting, and it made me think about this project from a completely new angle. As discussed, it seems like we all were more interested in exploring and offering something more nuanced and in-depth than simply a "book of healing spells". Rather, the discussion lead into the territory of the more fundamental aspects of Healing, Health and Well-being through the lens of Magic/Spiritual practice/Spiritual wordview. This has led me to consider if it might not be more relevant to make this book into a collection of essays concerning aspects of the art of healing from the perspective of practicing magicians. This is because I really got the impression that there are so many interesting, clever and strong voices among us, that it would be silly to try silence them for the benefit of just one narrative. However, I would be happy to hear if that sounds like a decent plan for you, or if you might have any other suggestions. If you all would be interested, I think it would also be very interesting and enriching if we could have some further group discussions. This might work as a way to give us all more food for thought and give more insights into the over-all themes of this work. We could for instance choose some essential topics, as for instance:

  • What is health?

  • What are the benefits of these practice, in relation to modern science?

  • Methods and techniques of "spiritual hygine"

  • Why/how do these methods work?

Fröken Björk


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