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fre 16 feb.


The Trolldom Society Scaldic Winter Blot

Unleash the inner poet! A free event

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The Trolldom Society Scaldic Winter Blot
The Trolldom Society Scaldic Winter Blot

Time & Location

16 feb. 2024 19:00 – 24 feb. 2024 19:00


About the Event



Feb 16-24, 2024


Location: The Society Skaldic Blot Discord Server,

Please join the discord server prior to the 16th.

Unleash the hidden poet!

Summon the words that become flesh!

Experience traditional Scaldic Battles and Nid Poems!

Lend your tongue to Gods and Goddesses, Trolls, Wrights and all the beings hidden in your own Nature.

Ride with Thor to unleash storms and lightning against those who are mountains trolls, protect the little poetic sprouts and flower buds, Be Frigga and spin webs of intrigues, Use the silky words of Frey and Freya to enchant and entice.

Be wisdom. Be love. Be cunning evil and raging fury. Be the waves on the beach, the fire in the stove or a gentle summer rain. Be a Huldra in the forest or a Nix in the pond, let your crone fly high across the sky and unleash your words!

We begin 8 days before the February full moon the old date of Disablot and on the 9th and last day we offer up all our poems, stories and words and the energy they contain to the thriving of ourselves and others (people, animals, plants, spirits) around us during next year.

Purpose of the Blot.

Words and stories create experiences. We use them to cast spells. By deliberately engaging in traditional and modern poetic races like this, you get a chance not only to sharpen your skills but also increase your awareness around words and stories. In the end we will give up all what we create as an offering and contribution to next year.


Any kind of poetry and contributions are welcome to be added to our offering pyre.

Old Norse poetry is known for its wisdom but also for its very graphic and sometimes explicitly sexual content. Be warned. There will be blood, sex, bewitchment and beauty beyond belief.

Regardless of what is stirred – and the more the better - on the last day we drop all our stories and surrender them to be of Nytta and thriving of tongue, with and heart for the coming year.

The 9-day Scaldic Race.

If you really want to train your word skills you can engage in a 9 day Scaldic Race. A nine-day Scaldic Race is an intense training in poetic expression. It´s simplicity itself – you have to post as many poems and engage your brain in a poetic way for 9 days/nights straight. On the ninth day first give your last drops then surrender all and have a little party.

Scaldic Battles & Battle rules.

Scaldic battle is a battle in skill with words but also an excellent training in not getting caught in the story. Seduction, ridicule and all kinds of offensive language is allowed as long as it is expressed in a poetic and witful manner. The point is to get the other person off balance. The one caught in the story - or discover themselves being caught in the story has lost (and should go cleanse).

Zoom Mini-Workshops.

For those who want a little inspiration there might be a few, hour long workshops in the how to make verses in Galdralag and old Norse poetic Verse formats, on the poetic language of Trollformulas and – if you want to contribute to the Nytta of others this by adding your poetic skills let us know and we set it up.


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