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Finding The Disir from Lyfjaberg.

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Perhaps you heard about the about Disir? Vaguely labeled as "Goddesses of North Mytology" and loosely associated with "fertility"? For an outsider, this probably lead to associations with agriculture and child production. But inside the gates of Trolldom this has a meaning far beyond that. The Disir help trees grow. And if the Tree is you - a representation of your experience as a "soul" or individual Tree in "the Forest of Life", the these ladies can be considered gardeners of the forest. Underestimated and neglected for centuries but nevertheless as deeply admired and present as ever, regardless of the current affairs of humans. Parables and metaphors aside, this is a true adventure.

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Finding The Disir from Lyfjaberg.

Finding The Disir from Lyfjaberg.

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