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Be prepared.

The Not-So-American-Gods.

  • 27Days
  • 11Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Every 3rd day for 21 days summon a different Deity. But be very specific and summon that particular version of a Deity from of Sweden, Norway or Denmark. That will bring the specific cultural and geographical flavor to each of these Deities. Notice as much as you can about them - how their presence affects you, supports you and prompts your mind in various ways. Be welcoming when they arrive, be polite during any conversation, ask them if they need or would like anything that you can provide. If reasonable, create and assemble that experience in your mind and give it. If you don´t want to give something unfitting for modern times (and for legal reasons - some deities may ask for things they were accustomed to in their old days) just tell them no and be honest about why. Ask if there is something else you could give or just give them what you would give a neighbor when moving into a new place. Be sure to thank them before dismissing. If you want to get to know the full spectra of the Nordic culture make sure to include Bronze Age Deities, Norse Deities, Local Saints such as St Olaf and St Eric as well as St Mary and similar ones. Tip: Plan what deities to summon and get to know before you start. The schedule is just a suggestion. If you want to summon them on a specific day (for example Odin on a Wednesday) then do that. The point of this quest is just to get introduced and give a friendly gift. Design: Veldig

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The Not-So-American-Gods.

The Not-So-American-Gods.

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