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Explorers League.

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Visit and mark the following on the Trolldom Society Map. (All spots should be somewhat public or at least accessible to visit): Locate nine haunted places in your local area. Mark all on the map. Visit and make friendly offerings to nine different spots in the area that holds ancestors of the land and ask them to help the community thrive. Locate nine good spots to meet elemental spirits. Locate three powerful trees, three powerful rocks/mountains, and three water sources and ask what they might be willing to contribute. Locate the following: A local spot that reinforces vital energy and recovery, one for physical love and fertility, one for learning, one for growing, one for clarity, one for protection and feeling safe, and one that reinforces spirit travel. Mark all on the map. List 25 other useful or interesting to a magical practitioners that you visited. Locally, Nationally, or globally does not matter. They may be spots you visited in the past. Mark all on the map.

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Explorers League

Explorers League

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