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About Us

Natura Viget, Vigetis

Hej och välkommen!

Hello and welcome to the Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Chapter of The Trolldom Society!


Chambersburg is conveniently located in South-Central PA, an easy drive from Western Maryland, Eastern West Virginia, Northern Virgina, Washington D.C., Baltimore (MD), and Harrisburg (PA). The area surrounding Chambersburg has a number of Mennonite farms meaning the farm land is well cared for. There are also many hiking trails and wild areas. Some of these require tending. 


With this in mind, our Chapter focuses on supporting the natural areas that have been impacted by humans through mining, smelting, and other activities. We undertake weekly treks to nature trails (the Appalachian Trail, especially), lakes, and wild meadows where we offer thriving support for the land and all who use it.


If you are interested in joining our treks, please contact me using the email below!

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